Types of Pay Per Call Services

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most common ways to market a website. The advertiser pays a predetermined amount for each click on an advertisement on a pay per click list. These lists are often provided to internet publishers.

Pay per call advertising is generally an online advertising model where the advertiser pays the search engine company based on the number of phone calls made on an ad. Pay per call providers charge based on the type of ad, per call or per impression. If the ad includes text, the advertiser can set a limit for how many times the ad can be called during a specific time frame and pay a predetermined fee.

Pay per call services are also used for telemarketing, telemarketers, and direct mailers. Some sites also use pay per call marketing to promote products, services and other items that may be relevant to the site visitor. Other sites use these types of services as well.

In some cases, a site may be paying per call based on the number of clicks made on a banner advertisement. The advertiser does not have to pay for every single click made on the ad but only for the number of clicks that result in the advertisement being displayed. When an advertiser advertises a product or service using a pay per call marketing model, it may pay a specified price for the number of calls that result in the sale or the callbacks for a particular ad.

An advertiser may also choose to display a message along with the ad after the ad is clicked such as “click here”click here to view our latest ad.” In this way, the advertiser will pay the callers on a per call basis depending on the amount of calls made.

Most pay per call providers have a free service available to the public. This free service allows users to test a few different ad formats and features. A free trial is usually limited to one hundred calls to a selected number. The provider may require a small fee if the free trial runs out.

Call capture databases provide names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of people who are calling from a given area code. Once the user has subscribed to the service, they can set up custom phone capture lists for various purposes including answering a specific call from a certain company. Phone capture databases can also provide information about the callers.

Reverse lookup is another popular way to obtain information about mobile phone numbers and their owners. Users enter a cell phone number and get information on the owner, including the address, status, carrier, service provider, and more. This method may be the most expensive form of a pay per call service, but it is fairly reliable. Reverse lookup requires a minimal fee for unlimited searches.

To be able to do a reverse lookup, a user must have a valid email address. The information required by the reverse lookup service can include the last name of the owner, address, the state of the phone, provider, carrier, and more. The information is not always completely accurate, as there are some instances where the service will not provide information regarding the phone numbers that have been assigned to a residential number. A reputable reverse lookup service will also have a money back guarantee in case the information obtained is incorrect.

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