Roof Maintenance & Repairs

Roof Maintenance is an important maintenance procedure performed on a regular basis. The roof is one of the most expensive components of your home. Its primary role is to protect you and your family from the elements (including rain, wind, snow etc.) but in addition it adds value to your home. If you want to maintain the value of your home, then you should perform maintenance on your roof regularly. There are several types of maintenance and they include:

Roof inspection – this is the process of identifying existing issues and developing preventative maintenance plans to address those issues. You should schedule a routine inspection for all of the main roof areas at least once a year. The frequency of inspections will depend on the conditions of your roof as well as your home’s location. At least one of the main roof areas should be inspected at least twice a year; one of the main roof areas should be inspected daily. In addition, it’s also important to have the roof inspected to identify any issues that may pose a danger such as falling trees, ice dams, exposed roof shingles, missing or cracked shingles, weak spots (where water can accumulate), under-sloping areas, etc.

Repairs – this is typically divided into two categories. One category is for damage repair (fixing damaged areas); the other category is for replacement/resurfacing (renovating the entire roof). Generally, damage repair requires the removal of damaged materials (walls, ceiling, insulation, fascia, etc. ), drilling holes, cleaning, replacing shingles, attaching tar paper, etc. Roof replacement/resurfacing requires the removal of old insulation, removing and replacing the underlying metal or stone tiles and applying new sealants. In addition, periodic inspections of the structure are necessary to ensure that the homeowner has implemented preventative maintenance procedures.

Inspections/Repairs – there are different kinds of inspections and repairs. Homeowner inspections are often required when purchasing a home and are required by most lenders. Homeowner inspections will usually include inspecting the attic, basement, exterior walls, and other areas that might be considered “out of the way”. The purpose of the inspection is to identify and present potential problems, so the lender will be more likely to approve a loan. A professional service inspector will be able to identify these problems and discuss options with the homeowner.

Roof leaks are one of the most damaging yet easiest to repair. Leaks are typically caused by poor maintenance practices such as improper valleys in the roof, loose flashing around windows and doors, and other gaps that allow moisture to penetrate the roof and other surfaces. Homeowners can avoid costly repairs by performing regular maintenance inspections on the roof and by avoiding situations that increase the risk of leaks. For example, it’s a good idea to avoid tight spaces between ceiling fans, as air movement and moisture can cause a leak.

Roof maintenance and repairs are necessary and sometimes even urgent. It’s important to do routine inspections to prevent costly roof repairs. Homeowners can save money by avoiding costly repairs by hiring a professional home inspection company to perform inspections, repairs and replacements.

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